You make valid points Bishop and I wholeheartedly agree. Too many chapters of the NAACP seem only interested in fundraising enough to pay dues to state and national chapter. I tried to join for the first time about 9–10 years NAACP ago, and I was absolutely shocked and how prehistoric and behind the times they were. We had a lot of things going on in our community, and a lot of African American leaders in the community they had not made contacts with to create and leverage relationships (i.e. the county’s first Black school superintendent) for coalition building and advocacy on behalf of People of Color.

All they ever discussed was the Freedom Fund Banquet (their biggest annual fundraiser), and voter registration drives. The African American had lots of issues in my old community and they local NAACP seemed to be stuck in some kind of time warp. There were few young people, and hardly any engagement of college-age adults. At the time I had kids in high school and the school had the school-alternative school-jail-pipeline going on with Black males and the NAACP was no where to be found. I was a PTO parent and I did what I could to provide leads on things that needed attending to relevant to today in the community. I got no takers.

I went to meetings for a few months, got hundreds of pointless emails about nothing (mostly meetings), and I disengaged. I never went back. I followed the money, looked at how it was spent (nationally and state level) and was very dissatisfied. I was also wary about the NAACP as a number of young leaders had left the national chapter suddenly after what appeared to be a clash of generations. The NAACP is at a crossroads. It’s a dinosaur. They really need to get off of the corporate donations and work on getting small donations. They would benefit from take a play out of Obama’s fundraising playbook.

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