You make valid points, especially about immigrants having stable support systems, communities, and government interventions which help them create businesses or gain skills/trades/certifications.

My point was that all immigrants of color do not wish to fight with us. They import their own racial biases and join our nation’s caste systems to discriminate against us. Black people in particular need to stop assuming all Black and Brown people are in the tank for us and against inequality and racism/colorism. They are not. We cannot judge the book by it’s cover, we need to open the book and read it.

It doesn’t mean I’m being more selective about dealing with immigrants, it simply means I view the way many immigrants vote and live in the same manner I view the way Whites live and vote when it comes to conservatism and racism. We fight for everyone, we fight with everyone. We stand up for everyone, but how many groups of color come to our aid. How many immigrant groups (people of color) vocally and actively working with us to decrease inequalities, ensure there is equity in our institutions and governance and speaking out regularly with us on racial injustices and Black oppression. We are in a class by ourselves most times, fighting for our lives. I just want us to be mindful not to waste our time including individuals or specific immigrant groups who have no interest in being classified as colored (i.e. the Chinese who identify as White).

We need to work on us. Sometimes we just need to take care of ourselves, fend ourselves, and speak for ourselves. It’s okay to join with allies, but not at the expense of Black, and that’s what happened with every movement tied to civil rights thus far. We had a civil rights act to protect us. The Native Americans had one to protect them. Our Rights Act added the kitchen sink to it — basically making the act meant to protect Black only impotent. women (feminists) fall under the civil rights act now, but how has that impacted Black women? I think we simply need to be strategic and intentional in our collaborations and allyship.

We can’t continue to keep starting over and extending olive branches to groups who use us as stepping stones and join conservatives to discriminate. Its self-defeating. Self care is the best care.

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