You my friend have preached this Sunday’s sermon.

I can’t tell you how many times strangers have helped me out of jams, paid for my groceries or lunch. Will tell me to “be blessed” and turn right around and post some fool crazy stuff on social media one of the political parties told them was fact. I had a terrible life, but it never made me want to be terrible or hate other people that have never harmed me, especially White people. All of the terrible stories my parents shared with me about how White people treated them during Jim Crow I remember. They are etched in my mind forever. I also know I grew up in a different time and, all people aren’t bad people. I love the South, wouldn’t trade NC or SC for anything in the world.

It’s a shame greedy, manipulative leaders have planted seeds of hate to cover the fact they are stealing from the very people they are supposed to protect and aid. It’s is the saddest thing, but like you said, some politicians continue to chip away at education funding, making it easier to control the ignorant. They make the very people we speak of lose hope, and strike out at anyone who looks like they have a leg up. There maybe a lot of ugly people in the rural areas of NC, but I’d dare say there are uglier people hidden behind the walls of exclusive gated communities in Florida.

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