You preached a mini sermon. I have no remorse. It's sad, but it's been a year since we discovered this virus was in China and Europe before they finally acknowledged it was here. The messaging in America and European countries compared to the messaging in other nations were completely different. We put the economy of humanity, and for those outside of the insulated bubble of privilege, it cost them dearly. Some even lost their lives.

It's a shame he put a party and a man who will never give a damn about him over his wife and family. He chose to leave his wife and children behind to follow a bus load of dumb clowns. They lived and he died, just like so many of the other suckers who drank Trump's toxic koolaid. It's a risk you take when you choose evil over good. Sometimes responsibility is being responsible for your own life, and your own death.

He chose, and he lost. That's the price he paid for his freedom and for racism. I hope it was worth it to him. I hope it was all worth it for his wife.

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