You sound exactly like the White-passing person who gets to choose White privilege when it suits you

You sound like a person with no Black friends, who minds his own business, probably doesn’t even care about inequality in your own group, and you sound like a man with perhaps no knowledge of American history as it pertains to inequality and it’s anti-Black sentiments.

The problem with your response is…

YOU sir even benefit from my oppression and ignoring my issues as a White-Passing POC with privilege in America. If you haven’t done any real work to understand how your racial group/ethnic group contributes to inequality, please refrain from such foolish remarks. Either you’re for equality or inequality. Your comment shows exactly what side of the fence you’re on.

If you read this essay and thought it pertained to race alone, then we are toast as a nation. No one group should have the right, privilege or ability to oppress others using Acts meant to protect us. Inequality is complex and is not always explicit. Majorities of Whites and White passing people such as yourself damned sure shouldn’t be able to maintain inequality with attitudes, rules, politics, codes, or legislation, and then try to turn it around and make us feel good about keeping inequality. If you don’t stand up for yourself no one else will. Do you fight for yourself, especially when you’ve been wrong or mistreated? If so, do tell.

You’re trying to wrap up shit in a 5 pound bag and sell it to me as sugar.

And that’s NOT what you’re going to do.

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