You took the thoughts right out of my brain. That is a different world Magic was in, much like a plantation owner and his slaves. Magic was there to lure in new exploits. He found out he wasn’t about “that” life and was no longer enamored with being in management. Knowing his background and where he comes from, he’s not that dude. His businesses practices and principles are a complete contrast of the Lakers organization or any professional sporting franchise for that matter. It’s cold, it’s callous and men and women are treated like animals or chattel.

No decent Black person can be good in that type of environment just like a decent person can’t really do well in politics. It requires to be a liar, a fraud, a crook. You have to not give a shit about people, sell your soul for “the man” and worry more about money than you do about people. If you stay it changes you. If you’re decent, you exit quickly or disengage so that you can keep your sanity. That business is for heartless people and greedy people. He is neither, so it’s why he is taking the sidewalk out of there because the he wasn’t prepared for those streets. Being a part owner/investor isn’t the same as managing people. He learned and I applaud him for moving on. It takes a lot of courage and people simply underestimate the dirtiness of management. The link you provided is a perfect summation of management.

I don’t believe decent Black people t have the heart to treat people the way some of these White corporate business owners treat people (with disrespect, no regard for them as people, use them up and spit them out, pay inequality). It’s in their DNA to not give a shit about people. It’s how they got rich and it’s how they stay rich.

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