Your dad and my dad grew up with the same mindset. He had is own business for years and tried to help the family they weren't committed. He taught my his grandsons and sons how to fix cars to care for the business, and no one wanted it. They all are working for someone else and working and miserable when they could have been self-employed and free.

I told my son next year I'm going to invest in his dream business, a food truck. He loves to cook. I'm working on his business plan so so that he'll know what it takes to start it and maintain it. He also cuts hair as a side hustle and I taught him to do that when they were kids. He did it all through college. He's also getting into photography. I drilled self-employment and hustles so he'd never starve.

Once I started freelancing I loved it. It's not easy but the freedom I have to do other projects without conflicts is freeing. Like you I'm 48, and I have worked for and with White people and they never respect your effort or pay you your worth. Now I pick and choose my projects to determine my own worth.

I applaud you helping your children embrace entrepreneurship and being supportive. So many times we discourage our friends and loved ones from pursuing freedom because we're afraid and don't like taking risks. If you're going to work in White Supremacy, you're going to assimilate. Looking White, dressing White, talking White...White, White, White!

If we had our own businesses catering to our own culture or even if we just had a business but owned the business, you're free to serve those who will appreciate and value your contributions to the community. I encourage every Black person I know to hustle, and if you can make money from it, start a business to reduce your tax liability, especially since Trump's tax cuts were placed on the backs of the poor and middle-class people.

I'm going to be featuring Black businesses from now on to help them showcase what they are doing and to help them raise money for to grow them. It's the only way to go for me. I am creating the criteria now, but I'm definitely willing to connect will resources to cut out White gazes. Hopefully White people will get into it and be willing to help us build. That's what allyship should look like.

Antiracism, self-sufficiently Pro-Black is the new song I'm singing. We are on the same page.

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