Your poor husband 😂, I bet he wouldn’t trade those experiences in the world. Completely innocent. Sometimes we’re really born in the wrong body. Sounds like your hubby should have been Brown. He did the next best thing and secured himself a strong Brown sister lol! All is right in the world.

Richard Pryor was a complex guy. His life was so complicated and traumatic. Like most kids growing up witnessing and experiencing the kinds of physical, sexual, and emotional abuse he endured, you don’t escape unscathed. He was a broken trailblazer self-medicating and treating women the way he grew up seeing them treated. It makes me sad how people mistreat and abandon children leaving them to figure life out for themselves.

He did a lot of bad and a lot of good. I try to compartmentalize folks that way. Child abuse is one thing. Racism is something totally different although I would dare say kids exposed to it experience child abuse because they were taught wrong. Not being exposed or knowing better is one thing, but like the VA Governor, that’s a horse of a different color. White lives are always valued more, they get second chances. They are forgiven easily. And if they smile and say the right “articulate” words, second chances are coming their way.

Life is a mother sometimes I tell ya. Smh.

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