Your story made me cry because it’s how my mom treated me. It’s very hard to read other people suffering in such a manner, and your dad staying through it all. He was in a difficult predicament.

Your evil, manipulative sister is mines, and I don’t speak to my mom. She did too much, said too much, abused too much for me to deal with her. I’ll deal with that at her funeral. There is a lot of stuff Southern women endured during their childhoods, and they pass it on despite understanding how bad it made them feel experiencing it. Who does that?

All the women in my family are a mess. Their dysfunction helped me to navigate similarly toxic women throughout my life. Women can be some of the most evil creatures on this earth. These broken women should never be allowed to have children. They’ve created an entire race of people who harm others. I’m happy you had counseling and found a way to escape. Detaching preserves your life and your sanity. Staying is unhealthy. The cleansing of the home is quite familiar. My mom and grandma did the same things. Not sure what that’s about.

No one deserves to be saddled with those memories either. I found peace at my grandmother’s funeral. I discovered nearly all the grandkids had beef with her when she died. No one was really sad. She’d damaged a lot of people, all in the name of the Lord.

It’s one of the reasons I don’t follow any religion today. Thank you for sharing your story. I’m realizing terrible mothers and grandmothers are common occurrences in the world. It’s interesting you decided to skip child rearing because of your experiences. That’s thoughtful of you. More people should think this way. It’s hard to raise kids when you’ve been abused. The middle is hard to find.

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