You're exactly right. I realize many racial groups participate in White Supremacy because it's the quickest way to be socially accepted. Most Black people, because of our history here, refuse to go that route because we know what it gets you.

Dead or discarded.

You're right. No one can't live without us and they hate it. Whether it's because of capitalism (our consumption) or labor (we do all the heavy lifting), America could not function without Black people. Nowadays it's Hispanics. They do the work we used to do, but they vote with their enemy. I can't understand why folks don't understand this.

It's one of the down falls of skipping the line I suppose. You get the benefits without getting the lessons. You're doomed to fail when that happens. They've earned the respect of racists in America for now, so I reckon they are safe. Likewise, the DNC is going to fail if they don't dig into the issues of race and racism more.

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