You’re right. And I agree with you about the longevity of Trump inspite of his lack if trustworthiness and plain old lying. The old dude is compromised along with half the GOP (I just wrote about it). If you follow the money, it explains why Trump is still in power. Some of the same Russian donors have funded Dems and the GOP.

Whiteness and the criminal injustice system will ensure Trump and all his White horsemen ride off into the sunset without so much as a charge. Trump has never paid for any crimes he’s committed and he’s damn near 100. Not raping little girls, not steal charity money, no paying off porn stars, not for money laundering, not real estate fraud, not for failing to pay employees, not the emoluments clause violations, not for cooperating with foreign enemies or failing to register as a Russian agent…nothing.

There are people working in the government with top secret security clearances who get their pulled for minor infractions (like too much debt, paying bills late), yet Trump and his entire raggedy family has one. I have no faith in the system and as each day passes I can see how America is no better than corrupt countries in Africa or South America. You pay to play, and you keep your caste systems to ensure other groups never get to play. Trump will never do a day in jail and our criminal justice system will once and for all show just how unfair it really is.

Mark. My. Words. Whiteness has a lock on freedom. This administration is going to show Black folks how this shit really works here in America!

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