You’re right Ken. No one really wants Biden. It’s like going to Home Depot to by a brand new freezer but the only one left is the one on the show room floor and it’s been touched, has a few dents and scratches, but it will still work. That’s what a Biden vote is. We need something or someone who can cool things off and restore some semblance of the way things used to be. Biden is out dented and touched showroom demo.

I’ve never had the luxury of voting for a candidate I wanted, with the exception of Obama, but even he wasn’t truly a candidate who could address equality for Blacks without being accused by Whites of “giving us too much” while taking away “stuff” from them.

Obama walked a very tight rope that always leaned towards his White mother and grandparent’s side.

I would love to have more than two political parties in America. Maybe after this we can seriously come with some new structures or at least some tiered governance structure, because the current system is inadequate to address inequality. It’s designed to maintain it, therefore, it must be destroyed.

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