You’re right on all points. They sex trafficking that does take place in hotels happens with older men. Older White men. And it happens in their rooms, not in hotel restaurants or at the bars. They also use boats to take victims off shore to have sex with them. Can’t tell you how many White men drive boats to Haiti and in the Bahamas and use dingys to shuffle young girls to them for sex. Nobody is trafficking in Marriotts — trust me lol.

Marriott has a very ignorant approach to trafficking. Kids and women who are being trafficked don’t go sit at bars — they held up in their hotel rooms for days or moved from place to place kept out of plain sight.

They should just say they don’t want suspected prostituting on their properties. I’m sure they’d lose business because a lot of men and women travel and seek extra-curricular activities to occupy their time. It’s their business.

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