You’re saying fighting with neighbors (tribes fighting vs. tribes) is equivalent to what Europeans did. It’s not. Again, if you read the history books not written by White/Europeans, they tell a different tale.

Furthermore, Europeans believe they are doing someone a favor by introducing industrialization and education to people. The world has been destroyed because of industrialization. We have more educated people, and not enough jobs to sustain them. So what good is an education if you can’t do anything with it? Industrialization has aided heated up the earth and destroyed the natural order of things.

Thats what Europeans and colonialism has done to Mother Earth.

What’s wrong with living locally? The problem with Europeans and colonialism is it introduced people something that wasn’t created for them. Colonialism has destabilized so many small and mid-sized nations, and it even has the audacity to be arrogant about the “gifts” it left behind. Sure nations and tribes fought and enslaved each other while others used their own as indentured servants, but what gave Europeans the right to do the same? That was part of a region’s culture. Why did these people and cultures need European interventions that destroyed those culture, killed and displaced people, and destroying generations of traditions of the nations they impacted?

These places existed thousands of years before Europeans touched them, and had most of what they needed. Everyone I know from a nation impacted by the invasion of colonialism and Europeans have a totally different perspective. Europeans love to share what they introduced and how they improved where their foot prints are found. Those from nations impacted by colonialism and Europeans describe what was destroyed, and how their footprint has a negative impact to this day.

Better (like beauty) is in the eye of the beholder.

So yes, while Europeans “abolished” slavery, but look at how much they benefited financially from it. They had secured most of the world’s wealth. Wealth that was stolen. But we got education and medicine…and freedom.


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