You’re so right Robert. I have preached this so many times, and it’s more important than ever to begin this process with racism and discrimination being sanctioned by the government. It won’t be long before we’re not permitted through front doors of essential businesses. We spend the most money and have the fewest businesses and supply chains of any group. We have an aversion to manual labor since slavery that has been detrimental to our community’s ability to prosper.

We can talk about this all day because it’s a subject I love dearly. Sadly, Black people are addicted to White people stuff and spaces as White people are addicted to racism and anti-Blackness. Unfortunately one group can survive this way while the other cannot. Black people have not been willing or able to refrain from spending dollars outside of the community or saving all together and doing without. It’s a terrible predicament to be in. I try to buy Black when I can, and I preach it often, but Black people believe that giving their money to White businesses somehow them accepted. It’s been a hard row to hoe as we say back home.

I’m tired of us too. I support those who understand and I am prepared to watch the others suffer.

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