You’re welcome. I wish I were as wise as you are when I was in my twenties. I’m pro do what’s best for your life. We all are different and some people really shouldn’t have children. Most couples don’t realize it until after they have them that they made a huge mistake, but they’ll never admit it. We don’t really know what we want until we get into our 40s (most women anyway). By that time we know we are tired of kids and ready for them to go, we’ve learned we married the wrong person or we’ve outgrown each other and women discover they never really had a chance to explore their full potential. Don’t get me wrong, some women are born to be homemakers. These women love it, it’s in their nature to serve others. But most of us can’t be stay at home moms or dad’s without some sort of sacrifice and serious planning.

We learn far too late it’s difficult (impossible) to balance a spouse/mate, kids, a job, home, extended family, and societal pressures. There are a lot of women and men starting to say the things our parents and grand parents couldn’t about having kids. The honesty is refreshing, and as women we need to inform others of the good and bad so young women can make informed decisions. I wish the best. Never allow anyone to back you into a corner. My sons are 26 and 28. I’m happy to be free, and I have made it known I’m an unreliable grandmother (lol). I wrote about it. Cheers to good decisions.

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