You’ve done it again Sis. You sound like you’ve studied White people so long you have PhD in them. You are spot on as always. Thanks for sharing the Mills pdf. I’m going to enjoy this in the mornings with my coffee.

I’m learning a lot about White women working from home remotely. I have so many stories about even when they can’t see us, they use our names and our voices to decide how they are going to treat us.

Most days you really can’t tell White women and White men apart although they do a great job trying to differentiate themselves from each other. Watching White women promote White women is reveals their blindspots. I’m always thankful when I see White people touting themselves, especially when I know there are better non-White alternatives available. It’s like holding up the Confederate flag to me. They can’t stop centering themselves. They can’t stop seeing God in themselves. They are self absorbed and vested in self-preservation they can’t possibly be good for anyone else. Every thing they do, they think of themselves first.

If they think they’ve found a cure for a disease, the try to figure out how to try it out on non-Whites so it won’t hurt them. The recent stimulus bailout is another example. The U.S. can’t pay reparations because that’s not fair, but Black folks gotta believe it’s fair we save White businesses from the calamity a White man caused. White people chose Trump, now they want to be bailed out. It’s infuriating.

White people should not be allowed to make any decisions of any other groups because they are fatally flawed to center Whiteness from birth. They just need to step aside and allow us all to heal from our traumas. White men and women are the biggest obstacles to peace anywhere. If you study world history, White folks are past due for an empire fall, and I’m here for it! There can be no peace, no prosperity, or no good health as long as they rule with inequity as their main goal.

I love getting your feedback because it’s always on point, always relatable, and you always provide personal experiences. Thank you for reading and sharing. It helps our collective anti-racism efforts. Folks get to see all the levels of bs we endure to live.

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